GENE token is live in two global ecosystems

GENE token is live in two global ecosystems


It’s a proud day for us in PARKGENE and our affiliate EXCELON ( announce the launching of the Excelon Fintech service, offering users an e-wallet an IBAN and a Mastercard and the GENE Integration inside the Excelon Ecosystem.

Today all PARKGENE users and GENE Token Holders will be able to buy an Excelon Premium Subscription at 50% discount and they can pay with their GENE Tokens!

All Excelon users, by June 2019 the latest, will have the benefit of having a crypto wallet and a crypto exchange connected to their e-money wallet and Excelon Mastercads, thus having the ultimate fintech app on their phone.

This is our vision of eliminating the technological and commercial gap that Fiat and Crypto is facing today. A gap that delays all Blockchain driven app globally, including P2P parking app. EXCELON is an all-in-one solution for individuals and businesses looking for new ways to execute their financial transactions in Fiat and/ or Crypto.

PARKGENE’s, P2P parking application, is now able to offer an integrated solution where the user who is not crypto savvy can still use the service easily.

As per our announcement from 19th of November 2018, the agreement between affiliate Fintech venture Excelon, and PARKGENE will be valid and available to GENE Holders starting on March the 21st 2019.

The terms of the agreement are the following:

EXCELON will accept GENE Tokens as a fully traded utility token into its wallet and exchange, making it easy for everyone who is interested in GENE Tokens to buy, hold and sell them directly from the EXCELON wallet and exchange. Furthermore, it will help all parking owners to exchange GENEs for Euro instantly, taking away a big obstacle from PARKGENE’s commercial rollout.

EXCELON will offer EXCELON prepaid Premium Mastercards at a 50% discount to users who pay with GENE Tokens. The number of GENEs required to buy an EXCELON prepaid Premium Mastercard will be calculated in real time based on the current market price. This discount is given exclusively to GENE token holders and not to any other currency (Euro, BTC, ETH).

EXCELON will offer EXCELON prepaid Premium Mastercard with no monthly fees for any user who will own a GENE HODL CONTRACT offered by PARKGENE. The GENE HODL CONTRACT has one year of duration and can be acquired for 10x the number of GENE Tokens needed to buy the Mastercard after the 50% discount as explained above. After the one-year term, the GENE Tokens will be released, and the owner may renew his GENE HODL CONTRACT to enjoy the EXCELON prepaid Premium Mastercard with no monthly fees or use them at will.

4. 30% of GENE Token Fees will be BURNED by Excelon:
EXCELON will burn 30% of the GENE Tokens it receives as a means of payment for any user buying EXCELON prepaid premium Mastercards. The burn will happen at the end of each calendar quarter starting 30.6.2019.

The above offering will initially be available for 3.000 EXCELON prepaid Premium Mastercards which will be provided in a first come first serve basis. Additional offerings will be considered once this offering is concluded.

“We are excited that the GENE token becomes a means of payment in two ecosystems. Our team has delivered two working products within a year. Following an initial period to complete the offer, the roadmap then entails a marketing campaign in order to educate and promote both services and thus the demand for GENE tokens, including listing in new exchanges”, CEO Nikolas Skarlatos comments.

The GENE is the true Utility Token and it is currently trading on two exchanges Hotbit and BTC-Alpha. Get your GENEs today and acquire the Excelon service at and PARKGENE app at IOS and Google store.

Excelon is presenting today at the Digital Banking Forum (Athens – Tomorrow, Friday 22 March 2019, we will provide you with instructions about acquiring an Excelon Premium Subscription with GENE Tokens, through GENE Wallet. We all here appreciate your patience and trust and we remain focused on making PARKGENE and GENE a global success.

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