Frequently Asked Questions

GENE token sale related FAQ

How can I buy GENE tokens

  1. Create an account at the token sale area on the official website
  2. You can pay with ETHEREUM, BITCOIN, BITCOIN CASH, LITECOIN, DASH  and USD through wire transfer
  3. Get your ETHEREUM, BITCOIN, BITCOIN CASH, LITECOIN, DASH adresses (they are used only for you) in which you will deposit your payments
  4. If you chose to pay with a wire transfer an invoice with all the details will be generated for you to complete the payment
  5. After submiting your payment, the token sale platform, will show you the address balance. You can buy the GENE tokens by pressing the “BUY” button.
  6. Before you complete your buy, you will be prompted to enter the receiveing ERC20 ETHEREUM Wallet where we will send you the GENE Tokens instantly when you complete your buy transaction.

Which wallet should I use to store GENE tokens?

GENE is a ERC20 token issued on Ethereum blockchain. Token holders can easily store and manage their GENE tokens using existing Ethereum clients including official Ethereum wallet, Mist, Parity,, MetaMask. Please make sure that you use a ERC20 compatible wallet otherwise you will lose your tokens.
What is the gas limit?

What is the gas limit?

All transactions, from simple transfers to ICO smart contracts, require some amount of operations to perform. Each of these operations has an associated cost in gas. Thus, simple transactions like transfers will require less gas to perform than more intense smart contracts.

When transfering ETH from your wallet to the ETHEREUM Address provided by the token sale platform you need to add certain amount for gas.

The recommended gas limit is 150 000 GAS which cost 0.00000002 Ether (20 Gwei).

Can I participate in the ICO without creating an Ethereum address?

No, because GENE is a token issued on Ethereum blockchain, so you need to have an Ethereum address to receive and store your GENE tokens. You can use any Ethereum wallet: Ethereum wallet, Mist, Parity,, MetaMask or any other wallet where you have access to the wallet private keys.
Do not deposit Ethereum to the ICO using the cryptocurrency exchange account! You don’t own your crypto-exchange ETH address private key, so will not be able to access your GENE tokens!

What happens if I sent you funds or cryptocurrency after the Token Sale has ended?

In case the funds or cryptocurrency is credited to the wallet of the project after the actual end of the Token Sale, it will be returned to the sender’s wallet at the current exchange rate without conversion. What  the user will receive back to his sending wallet address will be the exact amount of cryptocurrency reduced by the value of commission/gas for processing the payment.

How I can see my GENE tokens?

You can check you GENE tokens balance inside the token sale platform at The tokens will be distributed to the participants wallets (ERC20 compatible) after the ICO ends.

When we announce that the GENE Tokens are distributed to the participants, if you don’t see your token balance in your ERC20 wallet, you should add a custom token. In the address field insert 0x6dd4e4aad29a40edd6a409b9c1625186c9855b4d, enter the token symbol (GENE) and decimals (8). After that you should be able to see your balance.

What is the PARKGENE bounty program?

The PARKGENE Bounty program rewards all users who help us spread the word of our Token Sale and unique project around. It is based on creating unique referral links, for anyone who will register in our token sale platform, which can be shared electronically through social media etc. Every user who shares this personilized referral link will receive 5% bonus on the total amount of GENE tokens bought by their referred friends.

Anyone can participate in the PARKGENE Bounty program, whether they buy GENE tokens or not.

When will you pay for the bounty program?

Is the GENE Token a Security?

GENE token is a digital/software utility product which is not a security and which does not provide any ownership rights. It is a way for you to book a parking spot on our website or mobile App.You can either buy the GENE in advance, or at the moment of placing an order for a parking spot listing from our marketplace.

What type of risks are involved in investing?

Holding a GENE Token is not an Investment in securities (ie shares or debt of a company). GENE Token is the payment mean for participating as a driver or parking owner in the PARKGENE Peer to Peer parking platform.
The overall demand and supply of GENE Tokens in the market will  determine the underlying value against FIAT or other Currencies. Nevertheless this will not influence the actual price in FIAT that someone will pay for the parking.
Some of you may buy GENE Tokens with a view of investing towards a future appreciation of the GENE Token exchange values. Although this is not the primary scope of the GENE Token you are free to do it, if you wish.
To build wealth over time, investors need to accept certain levels of risk. The main general risks associated with investing are as follows:

  • Investments risks
    Market value of investments may go down as well as up, even if the quality of your investment remains the same. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.
  • Political risks
    Factors such as monetary restrictions, war conflicts, coups and racial and national tensions create political instability in countries. Political instability can significantly influence a project’s ability to generate earnings.
    Government economic policies of any country may lead to challenging macroeconomic environment for projects.
  • Legal risk
    Many countries don’t have the legal systems necessary for the proper and efficient regulation of digital assets. This may include the non-existence or limited functioning of Market Regulators, incomplete legislation and regulations pertaining to the crypto currency capital markets and no or limited investor compensation schemes. There is therefore a high degree of legal uncertainty as to the nature and extent of investor’s rights and the ability to enforce those rights.
  • Taxation
    Tax law and practice is not clearly established for crypto currency market and there is significant uncertainty as to the position of investors (local or international) in many Countries. It is possible therefore that a current interpretation of Tax law or practice may change or, indeed, that a specific Tax law may be changed with retrospective effect. An investor could become subject to taxation that is not anticipated when Investments are made and this could impact the overall investment performance.
  • Liquidity risk
    Market liquidity risk – is inability of financial instrument to be converted into cash in the shortest possible time without significant change in value or increasing bid/ask spread. This type of risk is interdependent to holding concentration risk.

Which citizens cannot participate in the PARKGENE Token Sale?

Can I Re-Sell the GENE Token?

GENE tokens have no expiration and it is up to you to decide whether you want to use it for park booking accomodation on our website/ App or to re-sell it at your own will to someone else.

is there Vesting model?

How will PARKGENE store the raised funds?

PARKGENE will use a multi-signature wallet to store the raised funds.

PARKGENE business related FAQ

Why will PARKGENE accept Fiat Currency? Isn't this in conflict with decentralized economy?

Fiat currency will be accepted only as a mean for GENE purchase on the PARKGENE market, and will immediately be converted to GENE. The decentralized PARKGENE ledger will function solely with the native GENE token. Fiat is accepted only to provide an easier way for inexperienced users to directly purchase the digital token on the marketplace at the time of the park booking (instead of going through an exchange and buying Ethereum first). The decentralized backend/engine that handles the bookings, and all transactions between clients and hotels will operate solely in GENE.

What is the legal structure of PARKGENE project?

PARKGENE Ltd is incorporated in Singapore with the representative office in Athens (Greece).

What are the guarantees that everything that you declare in the White Paper will be implemented?

It is in our interest to implement everything according to the Roadmap, since we analyzed, planned and compiled Roadmap. All projects and tasks in the Roadmap are the result of the accumulated need for each of them. We will implement all the goals in any case, but with a successful Token Sale we will be able to do it much faster, and at the same time we will help all our partners and participants of crowdsale to earn and succeed from our unique approach to a common problem (parking in cities) which everyone is faceing on a daily basis.

What do you already have?

How can my garage be available to the guests when I am not there to open the door?

What is the PARKGENE Future Fund?

PARKGENE Future Fund will initially hold the 40% of the total issued GENE Tokens (i.e. 400,000,000 GENE Tokens). The fund will use the tokens to achieve its Future goals towards becoming the Global Leader in P2P Parking market. Some of the ways that the PARKGENE Future Fund will use these tokens are

  • Secondary Token Sales
  • Acquisition of companies / technologies related to PARKGENE’s development
  • Payments for services rendered toward PARKGENE’s development
  • Short & Long term investments in Industry related projects
  • Additionally PARKGENE Development Fund will be entitled to donate up to 1% of its total Token deposits towards the PARKGENE Charity Fund.

The Future Fund will make official announcements on when and where GENE Tokens have been used. The announcements will be made at the PARKGENE’s Web Site at

What is the PARKGENE Charity Fund?

PARKGENE Charity Fund will initially receive any unallocated GENE Tokens from the Bounty Program after the Token Sale completes. Additionally it will receive remaining award tokens from parking smart contracts which have not been fully utilized after 1 month from their completion (functionality of the PARKGENE Smart Contract). The Charity Fund may also receive donations from 3rd Parties, including any donations available from the PARKGENE Development Fund.
PARKGENE Charity Fund will donate up to 5% of its assets on a yearly basis to charitable purposes related to the Parking and Automotive industry. These purpose could include

  • Academic Research and Development
  • Donations to institutions / organizations who have an involvement with the Parking
  • Automotive Industry
  • Sponsorships and awards in events related to the Parking / Automotive Industry

PARKGENE Charity Fund will make official announcements on when and where GENE Tokens have been used. The announcements will be made at the PARKGENE’s Web Site at

Do you accept cooperation proposals?