PARKGENE Frequently Asked Questions


PARKGENE is the first global peer-to-peer parking service powered by
blockchain and decentralized payments. To make it very clear: PARKGENE
is the AirBNB for parking, over blockchain. PARKGENE connects people
that own parking spots with drivers who are looking to park.

Why do I want to list my spot with PARKGENE?

First,you can take advantage of the time your parking spot is unused and start making
money by renting it out. You make your city friendlier by creating
more parking spots in busy locations or in locations with limited parking options.
Finally, you are helping to cut down on vehicle emissions.

How can I start earning money with PARKGENE?

You can list your parking spot by registering for free at, searching for your parking spot address and
providing all the information about the parking, including pricing and availability.

How do I list my spot with PARKGENE

You can list your parking spot with PARKGENE in three easy steps

Step 1. Log-in to the PARKGENE application using the many available
options. Create a parking spot listing by entering the spot address,
photos and other relevant information.

Step 2. Set the desirable pricing and the parking spot availability schedule for
your spot

Step 3. Complete your listing and make your parking spot available to drivers
using the PARKGNE app.

Is it legal to rent-out my parking spot and make money from it?

You are responsible to review the zoning and
residential laws in your city, to find out whether or not they would prevent you
from listing your parking spot.

How much does it cost to list my spot?

Listing your spot is free, and always will be. PARKGENE charges a small
commission from the parking fee you earn.

How do I get paid?

Immediately after the parking session, your payment is received via the
GENE Wallet. For more information on the GENE wallet, please visit

How much can I earn with PARKGENE?

The amount you can earn from your parking spot depends on its location,
availability and the pricing you’ve associated with your spot.

How do I know what to charge for my spot?

You want to make your parking spot competitive against the listings
in your area, or against the commercial parking offerings. You
can modify your pricing according to time of day, or on special
occasions in your area where the demand increases. The price you
choose is up to you.

Can I list multiple spots with PARKGENE?

If you own multiple parking spots, by all means! You have to be the
legal owner of these spots before you can list them.

How do I know if my city is covered by PARKGENE?

PARKGENE is the first global peer-to-peer parking service powered by
blockchain and decentralized payments.
If you list your spot, then your parking spot is automatically available
and your city is on the PARKGENE map!

What happens after I’ve listed my parking spot with PARKGENE?

When the PARKGENE service for drivers goes live, you will start
receiving booking requests which you can review and approve to start
making money from your parking spot.

Can I cancel my listing?

You can cancel your listing, 2 hours before the first pending booking.

How do I manage the logistics of my parking spot if there is no public access to it?

You can give access manually for the driver to enter and exit.
PARKGENE will offer many automation solutions in the near future to parking
owners, so please stay tuned.

Do I need to pay tax for the money I earn with PARKGENE?

Payments between peer-to-peer parking participants are made through the
GENE token which is a utility token (digital asset), and not a monetary
instrument (currency). Buyer and seller exchange services for digital
assets and any potential tax obligations are subject to your local tax
regulations. You need to check with your country’s tax regulation for
cryptocurrency income.

What commission of my parking spot listing does PARKGENE get?

We charge a small commission to help extend the service, bring more
demand to your spot, and help improve the PARKGENE universe with more
products and services.

What happens if the driver does not leave my spot?

If the driver does not leave your spot after the booking ends, you have
the following options: you can contact the driver through the
information he has provided. Hopefully this will help resolve the issue.

What is the GENE Wallet?

The GENE Wallet is the PARKGENE multicurrency wallet which can hold GENE
tokens, other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and many other
cryptocurrencies and tokens. For more information please visit

I’m concerned about security

All drivers are verified and peer reviewed.
The security of payments are handled through the GENE Wallet and are completely secure.
The public cannot see your contact details, unless they are drivers who have
completed a booking.

What happens if a driver damages my spot?

Your use of PARKGENE is conditional of acceptance of the PARKGENE terms
of service.

How can I make the most of my parking spot?

Your parking spot is peer reviewed and driver satisfaction will help
drive more business to your spot. You can also proactively modify your pricing
depending on future increased demand, for example, if there are events in your area.

Do I need to own the spot I’m listing?

The spot listed needs to be listed by the spot owner. You should not
list public spots, or community parking spots.