GENE Wallet is here!

  • Free account forever
  • GENE, BTC, ETH and other crypto
  • GENE Card coming!

Store, Buy, Transfer, Pay. One place – All Cryptos

The ultimate multicurrency wallet to hold your GENE, Bitcoin, Ether and numerous other coins

  • Access your funds from one place
  • Send, Receive, Buy GENE and other coins with your Credit Card
  • Exchange GENE for other Cryptocurrencies or FIAT
  • Pay for Parking and more services from one place
  • Receive GENE Bonus rewards for your activity*

GENE Card in roadmap

  • Connect your GENE Wallet to the GENE Card
  • Make payments to any merchant worldwide
  • Withraw cash from any ATM Worldwide
  • Dynamically managed  crypto protfolio, automaticaly tops-up your card

API & SDK for 3rd party payments

  • API & SDK, in roadmap (expected Q2 2018).
  • Connect any parking, automotive or other app to enable payments
  • GENE, other Cryptos or FIAT accepted

Zero fees, Activity Cashback and GENE Token burning

  • 0% fees for any cryptocurrency transactions between GENE Wallets
  • Receive 2% cashback in GENE Tokens for any payment made in PARKGENE Ecosystem or with GENE Card
  • 33% of transaction fees, paid in GENE outside PARKGENE ecosystem, will be burned

* Bonus tokens are given per app installation and first account registration
Bonus tokens can be used for payments within PARKGENE ecosystem and not for trading