Did you know that 30 percent of all city pollution comes from cars circling to find a parking spot?

List your private parking spot and join the PARGENE peer-to-peer parking over blockchain community.

List your spot

PARKGENE is the Airbnb of parking.

Listing your spot is easy and you can start making money right away. Just use the PARKGENE Web application to list your available private spot, set your pricing and the spot’s availability and get ready to accept bookings!

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Accept a booking

Start earning income from your parking spot.

Once your parking spot is listed, you can start accepting bookings from drivers looking for parking in your area.

All payments are handled through the GENE Wallet and in case you need to contact the driver you will have all his details to do so.

Get Paid for your unused parking spot

Once you confirm a reservation request, PARKGENE handles the secure financial transaction and your account is credited at the end of the month directly through your GENE Wallet [LINK], the companion app for PARKGENE

Join the evolution

PARKGENE is the first global peer- to-peer parking service powered by blockchain and decentralized payments. By listing your spot and using the PARKGENE service you become an early adopter of a smart city solution of the future – today

Make your city friendlier

You make your city friendlier by creating
new parking spots in busy locations or in locations with limited parking options, and you’re helping reduce vehicle emissions.

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