PARKGURU wins Innovation Award at the City Challenge Hackathon

The PARKGURU team won the 6th prize, among 36 contestants for its innovative idea, at the recent Hackathon #Smartcity organized by KEDE on May 13-15.

PARKGURU participated with five members of the Research and Development Division and created a prototype application that allows Municipalities to make available all their information, on the City’s controlled parking areas, and to connect with service providers that develop applications aimed at citizens seeking to park their vehicles.

Through the “Smart On Street Parking” platform, Municipalities can share their parking zones and costs for their Municipality, while Service Providers and developers can access this data in the parking applications they provide to drivers.

At the same time of developing the Cloud platform, the PARKGURU team developed 2 Mobile Apps, one for the user (vehicle driver who wants to park) and one for the parking controller.

Yannis Zarifis, leader of the hackathon team and PARKGURU’s Application Development Manager, said: “We are proud for the award PARKGURU received  at this Hackathon. The volume of work completed by our team within two days was huge, but today Municipalities have access to source code that is available, works and can be used  to create innovative parking services for their citizens“.

We would like to warmly congratulate our team for the award and for the smooth implementation of the innovative idea of ​​Smart On Street Parking. It is worth mentioning that our team has delivered a functional open source code, thus contributing to the idea of ​​Hackathon #Smartcity and the interest of Municipalities“, said Yannis Rampos COO of the company.




PARKURU Ltd (, is a new dynamic company with passion for technology and customer. Its team of more than 30 people has accumulated experience in the field of mobile cloud technology and parking.

PARKGURU offers the most advanced parking service in the world today, approaching both the customer guide and the owner of the parking spaces in a way that improves the results for both.

PARKGURU’s goal is international development, for which it has already set a strong foundation with the application to present today detailed information on millions of parking spaces located in Europe and North America.

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