PARKGURU Adds Voice Search to its App


May 30, 2018


PARKGURU lets you find a parking space using your voice.

PARKGURU’s mobile app is designed to help driver find, book and pay for parking easily and quickly. Now with the new updated version of the app for iOS and Android, drivers can search for parking using their voice in 21 different languages.
The new voice search functionality is simple. All drivers need to do is click on the microphone in the app, say their destination and the app returns a list of available parking locations, allowing drivers to compare, reserve and pay for their parking spot in a couple of steps.
«Our goal at PARKGURU is to make your parking experience, easy, safe and effective using voice technology. Our plans for the future include adding more voice functionality that will give drivers more options to asking questions using their voice, like “Where have I parked my car” or “What is the closest parking to my favorite restaurant” said Nikos Skondreas, CEO at PARKGURU.

PARKURU Ltd is a young, innovative company driven by the passion for technology and customer satisfaction. Its team of more than 30 people has accumulated experience in the field of mobile cloud technology and parking.
PARKGURU offers the most advanced omni-channel Park-Booking service in the world today, approaching both the driver and the parking operator needs.
PARKGURU’s goal is international growth, for which it has already set a strong foundation, with the application offering today detailed information on millions of parking spaces located in Europe and North America.​