PARKGURU participates in the Municipality of Trikala “Smart City” program

PARKGURU, as part of the of the Smart City pilot project implemented by the Municipality of Trikala, participated by contributing its know-how to IOT (internet of things) parking technologies. The results of the project were presented at a special meeting that took place on Thursday, June 29, 2017 in Trikala.

Trikala has the distinction of the first “Smart City” in Greece, making use of advanced technologies that improve the everyday life of its citizens.

Smart parking management will initially cover 45 parking spaces and places for people with disabilities. Through the implementation of PARKGURU technology, citizens will be able to locate free parking, billing, payment, and rewards, while the City will be able to track in real-time parking locations use, through PARKGURU’s advanced reporting and policing applications. Drivers will be informed of available free parking spaces, and if the selected location is occupied by another driver, they will be notified and will automatically be routed to the nearest available parking space.

There will be significant benefits to citizens and the municipality from the implementation of PARKGURU’s technology. First of all, it will improve the standard of living, since the citizens of Trikala will carry out their daily tasks more quickly, while they are urged to use their vehicle with caution. In addition, it is expected to contribute in reducing parking time, relieving traffic and reducing environmental footprint, as it will reduce gas emissions.

“We are particularly pleased to have had the opportunity to contribute to the work done in Trikala. With the smart parking system, the driver will be able to know that there is a free parking space saving time and stress. In addition, the Municipality, can draw on the findings from the analysis of parking data, and will be able to make improvements in the city center”, said Giannis Ramphos, COO of the company.


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