PARKGURU adds a new Social Login feature and Online Booking

The award-winning application PARKGURU, the best app of the year at the Mobile Connected World Conference 2017, upgraded its features by adding Social Login and Online Reservation capabilities. Now, drivers will be able to connect quickly and easily with the application from their mobiles through social networks (Google, Facebook). Also drivers who have not downloaded iOS or Android apps will be able to make bookings using a browser from computers, mobiles and tablets.

The ability of consumers to use their identity from social networks to sign up and connect to applications is critical, as Facebook had 2 billion monthly active users in the second quarter of 2017. With the new version of PARKGURU, drivers can connect with the app by using their favorite Facebook or Google accounts. They will also be able to sign up with their email account or their mobile number. The new feature brings to the drivers the ease of social signups with PARKGURU native apps, with the confidence of data verification.

Also, for all drivers who want the convenience of their computer, they now have the option to make parking reservations from home or office to airports, harbors and the center of Athens and Thessaloniki using a simple web browser. At, they will be able to search, compare prices and make reservations for parking. The new feature is accessible from any device (computer, mobile or tablet) using a browser such as Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

“The new features to PARKGURU’s application gives drivers a very easy way to connect and find parking spaces. The new features allow PARKGURU to create more authentic relationships with drivers, understanding their preferences and discovering how they like to interact, “said Zois Siogas, Director of Sales at PARKGURU.

Today, through PARKGURU, drivers have access to more than 10,000 parking spaces in Greece, country-wide coverage, daily 24-hour support, free bookings / cancellations, price comparisons and set fees without any surprises. At the same time, PARKGURU offers information for millions of parking spaces throughout Europe and North America.

PARKURU Ltd is a young, innovative company driven by the passion for technology and customer satisfaction. Its team of more than 30 people has accumulated experience in the field of mobile cloud technology and parking.
PARKGURU offers the most advanced omni-channel Park-Booking service in the world today, approaching both the driver and the parking operator needs.
PARKGURU’s goal is international growth, for which it has already set a strong foundation, with the application offering today detailed information on millions of parking spaces located in Europe and North America.

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