PARKGURU wins award at the Mobile Excellence Awards

As part of the Mobile Excellence Awards ceremony, organized on September 19 in Athens, PARKGURU won the prize in the “Mobile Transport and Navigation” category for the innovative mobile application PARKGURU.

The implementation of PARKGURU is an innovative and unique service in the Greek market. Through an application for iOS and Android mobile devices, PARKGURU customers can find parking fast and cheaply in Greece and Cyprus.

Through PARKGURU, drivers can book a parking space at the closest and cheaper parking area in the area they want to park and have full control over the costs as they know the exact price beforehand.

PARKGURU is a “smart” application that is constantly learns from the use of drivers. Combined with Artificial Intelligence and information from other sources (eg weather, holidays, etc.), it is able to offer drivers the best place to park their car.

Voice search is available in 21 languages, where the wizard clicks on the app’s microphone, tells its destination, and the app shows a list of parking areas in the area, allowing the driver to compare, book and pay for parking in just a few steps

PARKGURU works with garage owners and municipalities with the ability to cover unsold parking spaces to increase their revenue while helping to reduce congestion and pollution. It cooperates with more than 100 parking spaces in Athens, Athens, Thessaloniki, Piraeus and Cyprus, offering significant discounts in these locations.

Ilias Hatzis, Chief Marketing Officer of PARKGURU, said: “This award confirms the vision and orientation of the company towards innovation. We thank the organizers, judges and especially our team, who with its intensive work has created the best application for parking. ”

Today, through PARKGURU, drivers have access to book more than 15,000 parking spaces in Greece, nationwide coverage, daily 24-hour support, free bookings / cancellations, price comparisons and surprise-free parking. At the same time, PARKGURU offers information on millions of parking spaces across Europe and America.

PARKURU Ltd is a young, innovative company driven by the passion for technology and customer satisfaction. Its team of more than 30 people has accumulated experience in the field of mobile cloud technology and parking.
PARKGURU offers the most advanced omni-channel Park-Booking service in the world today, approaching both the driver and the parking operator needs.
PARKGURU’s goal is international growth, for which it has already set a strong foundation, with the application offering today detailed information on millions of parking spaces located in Europe and North America.

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