PARKGENE – Status Update 8-11-2019

PARKGENE – Status Update 8-11-2019


Having launched PARKGENE service since mid 2018, we have taken several steps to develop the product offering and understand the market dynamics for both the parking industry as well as the adoption of Cryptocurrencies into everyday lives of all the potential users of our system.

It became quickly apparent to us that among other things the problem with the parking ecosystem was that very few people had parking spots and were Crypto enthusiasts.

As the Crypto bear market evolved, we had to act and act we did so. We are delivering Excelon which will be the backbone of the AIRBNB of parking as well as a strong crypto-fiat banking solution for everyone.

During 2019 we have achieved the promissed GENE Token listing in one of the best exchanges globally (LATOKEN) while at the same time we have invested significant efforts in developing the EXCELON Fintech branch which will bring a fully functional exchange for GENE as well a CRYPTO/FIAT gateway for all GENE, and other coin, enthousiasts.

EXCELON is preparing for the launch of the Exchange and Crypto banking service and it shares with us a snapshot of the Web functionality of the Excelon service which incorporates the Crypto functionality.

Excelon Web V2.0, Incorporating FIAT and Crypto Wallets as well as Crypto Exchange Functionalities



2020 holds some key developments for Parkgene namely:

  1. PARKGENE P2P Parking Service, integration with Excelon exchange will simplify the process of instantly buying and Selling Genes. Users that don’t want crypto will still benefit from the parking app
  2. Improved website with new functionality Q1 2020.
  3. Development for an IOT controller a functionality missing from the app today that will be sponsored for parking owners or sold independently. This new product will include:
    1. A Central Controller (CC)to connect with the garage door opener to transmit the open/close door command. The central controller will connect to the PARKGENE cloud through any home’s Internet WiFi or LAN connection.
    2. A Car Sensor (CS)that will be placed at the exact parking spot (in the garage) to indicate where a user should park as well to detect if the spot is taken. This car sensor will connect to the central controller (CC). Each Central Controller (CC) will be able to host more than 50 Car Sensors making it easy to be placed in garages with more than one spots.
    3. Mobile functionality to enable remote control for door openning and closing for garage owners and drivers through the PARKGENE mobile App.
  4. Parkgene’s App upgraded Version 2 should be available by Q3 2020. This will have both functionalities mentioned above as well as referrals and reviews for the sharing ecosystem to work seamlessly.
  5. Full scale marketing campaign city by city.


With all this, we would like to share our enthusiasm for the new things to come for both PARKGENE P2P Parking service as well as the GENE Token position in the Cryptocurrency market as a true utility token for P2P Payments with full support of rreal time exchange to FIAT through Excelon Service.

Today, the ecosystem of the PARKGENE numbers more than 67,000 unique users, using the PARKGENE P2P Parking Service and or the GENE Wallet. The apps are available for iOS and Android devices, as well as for web browsers. Currently, PARKGENE has already cooperation and ready-to-lease with more than 18,000 parking spaces in commercial parking areas in the Attica region, Thessaloniki and is also piloting in Cyprus. In addition to Greece and Cyprus, our application records more than 6 million commercial parking spaces in 8,000 cities worldwide.

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