PARKGENE – Status Update 8-11-2019

PARKGENE – Status Update 8-11-2019


Having launched PARKGENE service since mid 2018, we have taken several steps to develop the product offering and understand the market dynamics for both the parking industry as well as the adoption of Cryptocurrencies into everyday lives of all the potential users of our system.

It became quickly apparent to us that among other things the problem with the parking ecosystem was that very few people had parking spots and were Crypto enthusiasts.

As the Crypto bear market evolved, we had to act and act we did so. We are delivering Excelon which will be the backbone of the AIRBNB of parking as well as a strong crypto-fiat banking solution for everyone.

During 2019 we have achieved the promissed GENE Token listing in one of the best exchanges globally (LATOKEN) while at the same time we have invested significant efforts in developing the EXCELON Fintech branch which will bring a fully functional exchange for GENE as well a CRYPTO/FIAT gateway for all GENE, and other coin, enthousiasts.

EXCELON is preparing for the launch of the Exchange and Crypto banking service and it shares with us a snapshot of the Web functionality of the Excelon service which incorporates the Crypto functionality.

Excelon Web V2.0, Incorporating FIAT and Crypto Wallets as well as Crypto Exchange Functionalities



2020 holds some key developments for Parkgene namely:

  1. PARKGENE P2P Parking Service, integration with Excelon exchange will simplify the process of instantly buying and Selling Genes. Users that don’t want crypto will still benefit from the parking app
  2. Improved website with new functionality Q1 2020.
  3. Development for an IOT controller a functionality missing from the app today that will be sponsored for parking owners or sold independently. This new product will include:
    1. A Central Controller (CC)to connect with the garage door opener to transmit the open/close door command. The central controller will connect to the PARKGENE cloud through any home’s Internet WiFi or LAN connection.
    2. A Car Sensor (CS)that will be placed at the exact parking spot (in the garage) to indicate where a user should park as well to detect if the spot is taken. This car sensor will connect to the central controller (CC). Each Central Controller (CC) will be able to host more than 50 Car Sensors making it easy to be placed in garages with more than one spots.
    3. Mobile functionality to enable remote control for door openning and closing for garage owners and drivers through the PARKGENE mobile App.
  4. Parkgene’s App upgraded Version 2 should be available by Q3 2020. This will have both functionalities mentioned above as well as referrals and reviews for the sharing ecosystem to work seamlessly.
  5. Full scale marketing campaign city by city.


With all this, we would like to share our enthusiasm for the new things to come for both PARKGENE P2P Parking service as well as the GENE Token position in the Cryptocurrency market as a true utility token for P2P Payments with full support of rreal time exchange to FIAT through Excelon Service.

Today, the ecosystem of the PARKGENE numbers more than 67,000 unique users, using the PARKGENE P2P Parking Service and or the GENE Wallet. The apps are available for iOS and Android devices, as well as for web browsers. Currently, PARKGENE has already cooperation and ready-to-lease with more than 18,000 parking spaces in commercial parking areas in the Attica region, Thessaloniki and is also piloting in Cyprus. In addition to Greece and Cyprus, our application records more than 6 million commercial parking spaces in 8,000 cities worldwide.

GENE token is live in two global ecosystems

GENE token is live in two global ecosystems


It’s a proud day for us in PARKGENE and our affiliate EXCELON ( announce the launching of the Excelon Fintech service, offering users an e-wallet an IBAN and a Mastercard and the GENE Integration inside the Excelon Ecosystem.

Today all PARKGENE users and GENE Token Holders will be able to buy an Excelon Premium Subscription at 50% discount and they can pay with their GENE Tokens!

All Excelon users, by June 2019 the latest, will have the benefit of having a crypto wallet and a crypto exchange connected to their e-money wallet and Excelon Mastercads, thus having the ultimate fintech app on their phone.

This is our vision of eliminating the technological and commercial gap that Fiat and Crypto is facing today. A gap that delays all Blockchain driven app globally, including P2P parking app. EXCELON is an all-in-one solution for individuals and businesses looking for new ways to execute their financial transactions in Fiat and/ or Crypto.

PARKGENE’s, P2P parking application, is now able to offer an integrated solution where the user who is not crypto savvy can still use the service easily.

As per our announcement from 19th of November 2018, the agreement between affiliate Fintech venture Excelon, and PARKGENE will be valid and available to GENE Holders starting on March the 21st 2019.

The terms of the agreement are the following:

EXCELON will accept GENE Tokens as a fully traded utility token into its wallet and exchange, making it easy for everyone who is interested in GENE Tokens to buy, hold and sell them directly from the EXCELON wallet and exchange. Furthermore, it will help all parking owners to exchange GENEs for Euro instantly, taking away a big obstacle from PARKGENE’s commercial rollout.

EXCELON will offer EXCELON prepaid Premium Mastercards at a 50% discount to users who pay with GENE Tokens. The number of GENEs required to buy an EXCELON prepaid Premium Mastercard will be calculated in real time based on the current market price. This discount is given exclusively to GENE token holders and not to any other currency (Euro, BTC, ETH).

EXCELON will offer EXCELON prepaid Premium Mastercard with no monthly fees for any user who will own a GENE HODL CONTRACT offered by PARKGENE. The GENE HODL CONTRACT has one year of duration and can be acquired for 10x the number of GENE Tokens needed to buy the Mastercard after the 50% discount as explained above. After the one-year term, the GENE Tokens will be released, and the owner may renew his GENE HODL CONTRACT to enjoy the EXCELON prepaid Premium Mastercard with no monthly fees or use them at will.

4. 30% of GENE Token Fees will be BURNED by Excelon:
EXCELON will burn 30% of the GENE Tokens it receives as a means of payment for any user buying EXCELON prepaid premium Mastercards. The burn will happen at the end of each calendar quarter starting 30.6.2019.

The above offering will initially be available for 3.000 EXCELON prepaid Premium Mastercards which will be provided in a first come first serve basis. Additional offerings will be considered once this offering is concluded.

“We are excited that the GENE token becomes a means of payment in two ecosystems. Our team has delivered two working products within a year. Following an initial period to complete the offer, the roadmap then entails a marketing campaign in order to educate and promote both services and thus the demand for GENE tokens, including listing in new exchanges”, CEO Nikolas Skarlatos comments.

The GENE is the true Utility Token and it is currently trading on two exchanges Hotbit and BTC-Alpha. Get your GENEs today and acquire the Excelon service at and PARKGENE app at IOS and Google store.

Excelon is presenting today at the Digital Banking Forum (Athens – Tomorrow, Friday 22 March 2019, we will provide you with instructions about acquiring an Excelon Premium Subscription with GENE Tokens, through GENE Wallet. We all here appreciate your patience and trust and we remain focused on making PARKGENE and GENE a global success.

PARKGENE Papagos_Holargos

PARKGENE on “How Smart Cities focus on the citizen”

In our effort to establish our authority in Smart Mobility PARKGENE’s COO, Manos Macromallis attended the event of Syn-polis, showcasing the PARKGURU Group and specifically how our P2P parking project on blockchain, PARKGENE, could support the municipality of Papagos-Holargos in Attica region in its attempt to solve the huge problem of parking in order to improve the daily transportation woes of its citizens.

Macromallis - Toutouzas - HaniotisManos Macromallis also joined the public discussion panel on smart, citizen-centered cities, with distinguished members from the municipal authorities and executives from well-established companies in the industry of Internet of Things (IoT) also taking part.

“PARKGENE platform offers a holistic approach to the parking industry and because of that helps every city to be more green and smart. Today each city has a specific number of parking slots to manage and operate for its citizens. With our PARKGENE P2P ecosystem we are able, without any investment, to increase the supply of parking spots in any specific ecosystem. It’s a win-win situation for all the stakeholders.”

Today, the ecosystem of the PARKGENE numbers more than 67,000 unique users, using the PARKGENE P2P Parking Service and or the GENE Wallet. The apps are available for iOS and Android devices, as well as for web browsers. Currently, PARKGENE has already cooperation and ready-to-lease with more than 18,000 parking spaces in commercial parking areas in the Attica region, Thessaloniki and is also piloting in Cyprus. In addition to Greece and Cyprus, our application records more than 6 million commercial parking spaces in 8,000 cities worldwide.

PARKGENE iOS Application Launches

Dear Friends,

We are happy to announce that the wait is over for iPhone users and that PARKGENE is now also available for iOS, following our Android and Web Application releases earlier this month.

PARKGENE is the first peer-to-peer parking application over blockchain globally and after the integration of the professional parking features of PARKGURU, PARKGENE is the most complete parking application of its kind.

PARKGENE features over 6 million professional parking spots located in 8 thousand cities around the world. There are more than 50 locations and 8 thousand professional parking spots ready to accept cryptocurrency payments: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and GENE tokens. An additional 11 thousand subscribers to the GENE wallet are ready to take advantage of this. Last, but not least, there is a growing number of peer-to-peer spaces listed by PARKGENE early adopters, who used the PARKGENE web application to list their private parking spots. This is just the beginning:

Smart City transportation begins and ends with parking. We have succeeded in delivering the platform and the supporting technologies to execute on our vision of improving quality of life while contributing to the Smart Economy. PARKGENE is the first global peer-to-peer blockchain parking application, making the adoption of Smart City technologies in every-day life possible today.

It makes us proud that we can offer the PARKGENE platform to the community and share the transformation towards smart parking with the world. We’re grateful for your continued support and we invite you to take advantage of the PARKGENE opportunity as our ambassadors by listing your parking spot and using the PARKGENE application.  Not only will you be able to monetise your unused parking spot, but you will be making a significant contribution to the quality of life in your local area.

Below you can find some useful PARKGENE links:

The PARKGENE website
You can download thePARKGENE application for iOS here
You can download the PARKGENE application for Android here
You can list your private parking spot here 

CoinMarketCap officially lists PARKGENE’s – GENE Token

A message to the PARKGENE community by PARKGENE CEO, Nikolas Skarlatos :

Dear Friends,

We are delighted to announce that CoinMarketCap, the number one trusted resource on cryptocurrency market information, has officially listed the GENE token here:

The official CoinMarketCap listing puts the GENE token at the heart of the cryptocurrency community and justifies our efforts of the past year. We want to thank the PARKGENE community for their support, since it was the trading and the community activity that drove the CoinMarketCap listing.

The CoinMarketCap official listing is another step forward for the GENE token:

  • The PARKGENE community can now get the most up-to-date and credible information on the GENE token’s financial indicators.
  • The CoinMarketCap listing helps with the token’s exposure to a wider cryptocurrency audience interested in the token itself but also in the PARKGENE business.
  • This way, PARKGENE business progress will be associated with the GENE token’s performance more effectively.
  • Finally, we continue to do our best to list the GENE token on other exchanges and the CoinMarketCap official listing will help in our efforts.

On the business side of things, we’d like to remind you that we’ve successfully launched the PARKGENE web service, integrated with the GENE Wallet, as well as the new website where parking spot owners can list their parking spots.

Also, on Monday, May 14th, as promised, we are launching additional enhancements to the GENE Wallet, along with a related announcement.

We continue to work towards the commercial roll-out of PARKGENE Service and our plan to release the Mobile Apps and Web Booking service on June 4th, 2018.

We will continue to keep you regularly updated with our progress.

Nikolas Skarlatos,


PARKGENE Status Update – April 23

Dear PARKGENE Supporters

We would like to share a quick update on some of the activities that have kept us busy in the past week:

  1. On Monday 26/4 we distributed the GENE Tokens to participants who passed the KYC process and provided an ETH Wallet address.
  2. The same morning we distributed the GENE Tokens to Bounty Hunters who provided their ETH Wallet address.
  3. The GENE Token, since then, has been accepted and trading in three exchanges (BTC-Alpha, Bitpaction, GETbtc)
  4. Trading during week 1 was dominated by sellers who have put a pressure on the GENE Token price, currently trading around $0,012.
  5. Our Team has been supporting all participants and new interested users around the clock on our Telegram Channel and Email.
  6. On the business front we are getting ready for the official launch of the PARKGENE Peer-to-Peer Parking service which is fully integrated with GENE Token and other Cryptocurrency payments.
  7. The GENE Wallet, acting as the payment gateway for the Parking App is already available on Google Play Store while the iOS Version is under review from the AppStore. We believe that the documentation provided to Apple will allow them to list the App soon. We will keep you posted on this.
    The GENE WALLET for Android can be found here at the Google Play Store
  8. We have made the strategic decision to integrate the PARKGENE Peer-to-Peer application with the existing PARKGURU application, so that users are able to access all types of available parking options from one app, using GENE Tokens for payment. This is a major development as it puts PARKGENE at the heart of our 60K+ user community and will drive significant demand for the GENE Token.
  9. We are working with sites like CoinMarketCap to list the GENE token.
  10. We are also in discussions with several Exchanges that could offer significant liquidity to the GENE Token.


Next Steps:
We are working hard on executing our roadmap and our next steps include the following:

  1. We are launching the new PARKGENE WebSite for the new PARKGENE Service by May 7th, which allows users to list their parking spot. Approximately one week later we are launching the service that includes the Mobile Apps and a full Web interface.
  2. Next week (beginning of May) we are offering several enhancements to our GENE Wallet, such as ability to transfer In & Out, Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as the ability to trade GENE for Bitcoin or Ethereum and vice versa.
  3. There will be several Announcements on strategic partnerships that we have been working on, aimed to enhance the PARKGENE Ecosystem and the demand for GENE Tokens.

Please stay tuned for more information on the above and future PARKGENE developments.

PARKGENE Roadshow Update – February 9, 2018

PARKGENE CEO, Ilias Hatzis and CFO Nikolas Skarlatos have been participating in several events around the world bringing the PARKGENE ICO to the Crypto community.

They visited Crypto Economy ICO 2018 in London, Crypto Economy ICO 2018 in Amsterdam, d10e in the Cayman Islands, 2nd Blockchain Middle East Forum in Dubai, and will be visiting several more until the end of the ICO and beyond.

The purpose of these trips has been to meet with interested parties and introduce PARKGENE to the ICO and Crypto communities. The PARKGENE executives met with Fund Managers, with partners we work with, with opinion leaders in the crypto space, with media, and with PARKGENE backers. They participated in presentations, workshops, panel discussions on legal, marketing, valuation etc.

They also participated in Post ICO panel discussions, met with several exchanges and participated in several networking events.

So far, the PARKGENE roadshow has been very productive and useful. We will let you know more about the PARKGENE roadshow as it continues.

Cryptocurrency Volatility Protection for GENE Token Buyers

SINGAPORE, ATHENS, LONDON. Thursday January 25, 2018

PARKGENE announced today that it offers downside and upside protection against cryptocurrency volatility for GENE token holders.


“Having listened to our community’s concerns regarding the volatility of their cryptocurrency positions, we have decided to help alleviate the concerns of crypto appreciating or depreciating during the course of our ICO, offering guaranteed protections, both in the upside as well as the downside”, said Nikolas Skarlatos, CFO of PARKGENE.

The Volatility Protection scheme is further detailed below with the following two protections offered:


  1. Up to 20% upside guaranteed

If the digital asset exchanged for tokens appreciates, the token holder will get extra tokens up to 20% of the upside.


  1. Downside protection against any downside risk

If you have purchased GENE tokens using cryptocurrency, we will lock the number of tokens against the crypto price at the time of the purchase.



More specifically, below you can find the upside-protection level based on participation:

Participation Value   Upside Price Protection
$2,000 – $5,000 10%
$5,001 – $10,000 15%
$10,001 + 20%


If the digital asset exchanged for the tokens appreciates, the token holder will be able to benefit from this as his tokens will be recalculated up to a certain percentage based on volume (see table above).

Please note:

  • These recalculations will only involve the tokens allocated from the sale transaction. The adjustment does not apply to bonus tokens.
  • Recalculations are made daily (for reference) and the final calculations will take place on February 19, 2018 or at any point that our hard cap is reached and the ICO is sold-out.

To better understand how the Volatility Protection works please see the examples below:

Example 1: You’ve purchased 95,000 GENE with 1 BTC at $9,500 USD/BTC. At the end of the ICO, BTC has appreciated to $13,000 (a 36.8% appreciation) you will receive 15% more tokens. (14,250 additional tokens)

Example 2: You’ve purchased 95,000 GENE with 1 BTC at $9,500 USD/BTC. At the end of the ICO, BTC has fallen to $7,000 (a 26.3% depreciation) your purchase is not affected by the price decline

Example 3: You’ve purchased 95,000 GENE with 1 BTC at $9,500 USD/BTC. At the end of the ICO 1 BTC has appreciated to $10,500 (a 10.52% appreciation) you will receive 10.52% more tokens (9,994 additional tokens)


Cryptocurrency Gene eyes global parking market – Article on Kathimerini


The Greek answer to Bitcoin is Gene, created by the ParkGene company, and is trading on the online market with relative success.

Singapore-based ParkGene is practically run from Athens, where its founding team is located. Since end-December it has been extremely busy, having started its own initial coin offering (ICO), which has done quite well considering it has already sold more than 42 million Genes. The coins sold are valued at $4.2 million (3.44 million euros) and its target is to reach $35 million by February 19. This capital will allow the company to promote Gene around the world, with the aim of selling 1 billion units.

So what can you buy with Genes? To start with, “you will be able to rent parking spaces,” says ParkGene head Ilias Hatzis, the man behind the Greek cryptocurrency. “It’s like Airbnb for your car,” he explains, noting that the company’s aim is to penetrate the international parking market, valued at $100 billion per year.

According to Hatzis, when a car leaves its parking spot, for instance when its driver goes to work, the space is re-leased and can be used by someone visiting the area. There could be an exchange between the two drivers, with ParkGene collecting a small commission – in Genes.


PARKGENE PRE-ICO Sold Out Early – ICO Day #1 Under Way

We are excited to announce that after the PARKGENE PRE-ICO was sold-out early, the PARKGENE ICO is now under-way, amid growing demand for participation in the Early Bird – Day #1 which offers up to 35% bonus. It was announced today that the PARKGENE ICO Day #1  has been extended by 3 days, to January 19, to meet this demand.

 When we launched our Pre-ICO on December 15th, we hoped it would be a success. We couldn’t have predicted what has happened: 20,000,000 GENE tokens sold-out, ahead of time backed by high-net worth individuals, family offices, and investment funds. Today, 9 hours into the ICO Day #1 more than 20 million more tokens had been sold  despite delays attributed to the payment processor.

 “We would like to thank everyone participating in the PARKGENE ICO. We are grateful for the trust you have shown PARKGENE. We’re happy to announce that our Day #1 promo code offering will be extended for 3 additional days until Friday January 19. We want to give everyone the chance to take advantage of our up to 35% Bonus offer, and to reward your patience, trust and support.”, said Ilias Hatzis, CEO of PARKGENE.

 We urge interested participants to lock-in this bonus by joining our Telegram chat at to get the promo code and then our token sale platform at where step-by-step instructions are available.

 In the meantime, we are in the process of finalizing our partnerships with exchanges, while, at the same time, working to ensure that our application will launch when the ICO is completed, so you can use your GENE tokens to pay for parking from day one.

 PARKGENE is a cryptocurrency-based peer-to-peer parking application using blockchain and smart contracts to connect drivers with parking spot owners.

Find out more about PARKGENE, by visiting the following links:

PARKGENE Website : https ://
White Paper :
Token Sale :
Telegram Channel: