PARKGENE Papagos_Holargos

PARKGENE on “How Smart Cities focus on the citizen”

In our effort to establish our authority in Smart Mobility PARKGENE’s COO, Manos Macromallis attended the event of Syn-polis, showcasing the PARKGURU Group and specifically how our P2P parking project on blockchain, PARKGENE, could support the municipality of Papagos-Holargos in Attica region in its attempt to solve the huge problem of parking in order to improve the daily transportation woes of its citizens.

Macromallis - Toutouzas - HaniotisManos Macromallis also joined the public discussion panel on smart, citizen-centered cities, with distinguished members from the municipal authorities and executives from well-established companies in the industry of Internet of Things (IoT) also taking part.

“PARKGENE platform offers a holistic approach to the parking industry and because of that helps every city to be more green and smart. Today each city has a specific number of parking slots to manage and operate for its citizens. With our PARKGENE P2P ecosystem we are able, without any investment, to increase the supply of parking spots in any specific ecosystem. It’s a win-win situation for all the stakeholders.”

Today, the ecosystem of the PARKGENE numbers more than 67,000 unique users, using the PARKGENE P2P Parking Service and or the GENE Wallet. The apps are available for iOS and Android devices, as well as for web browsers. Currently, PARKGENE has already cooperation and ready-to-lease with more than 18,000 parking spaces in commercial parking areas in the Attica region, Thessaloniki and is also piloting in Cyprus. In addition to Greece and Cyprus, our application records more than 6 million commercial parking spaces in 8,000 cities worldwide.

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